Scream 3; Wes Craven; 2000= I love the Scream franchise and that probably makes me quite biased. Although I don’t believe Scream 3 was the grand ending I had hoped for due to the absence of Kevin Williamson’s clever wit, I do think it was far better than the critics made out and had a lot of positive elements. Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, a film based on the Woodsboro Murders, has gone in to production but a series of murders begin which target those connected to the film and the original murders. Left at the crime scene is a picture of a young woman, identified as Sidney Prescott’s late mother Maureen. When the Ghostface Killercontacts her, it all becomes too much for Sidney and she comes out of her self enforced hiding to finally put the memory of the murders to rest. I understand the reservations some of the critics have when viewing this film. There does seem to be a forced element to it. The humour and horror isn’t blended as well as the previous two films, which I put down to the lack of involvement from previous screenwriter Kevin Williamson. Although the film comes off as an impressive horror film, with just enough gore and scares, it doesn’t seem to fit with the postmodern nature of the Scream franchise. But I still don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes out. The interaction between Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Jennifer Jolie, the actress playing Gale in Stab 3 (Parker Posey, Dazed and Confused), is hilarious. Both actresses have brilliant comedic timing and together they are very impressive. The inclusion of Jenny McCarthy’s character Sarah, a fame hungry actress, cleverly mocks Hollywood and the franchise’s decoy death technique, while the inclusion of Sidney’s mother as a plot element makes for some very creepy scenes. I agree that the film doesn’t feel as natural and fresh as the other two films, but I still think it’s a nice entry in to the franchise and has some brilliant plot twists and techniques. It’s definitely worth a watch for some closure on the trilogy (well, until Scream 4 that is!) 

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